About Us

Contributing to a recycling-oriented society with metal recycling technology

Dismantle and sort metal resources (electric wires, copper, non-ferrous metals, precious metals)
Provide separation technology and equipment to support the recycling industry


Company Name Sanritsu Machine Industry Co., Ltd
Address 335 San no cho, Inage-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba
Founded on 1961
Established on 16th April 1977
Capital 20 million yen
CEO Ryoichi Nakane
Business description Waste wire processing machine, semiconductor crusher, various recycling equipment
Number of employees 20
Industrial property rights Patents and utility models 6 total 6
・Patented for 「Electric wire stripping device」
・Acquired utility model for 「 insulated wire waste separation equipment 」
・Acquired utility model for 「Cable remover」
・Patented for 「wrap sheath peeling method and peeling device」
・Patented for 「optical fiber cable recycling method and equipment」
・Patented for 「High-quality wire scrap collection device」