Separation with peeling off the wires

King of stripping (KOS) series

KOS-MT type / KOS-M type / KOS-PT type / KOS-P type / KOS-T type

Series special characteristics

Standard for peelers, boasting with Japan's top share

The KOS series, which bears the KING OF STRIPPING MACHINE, is the most standard general-purpose stripping machine for electric power CABLES. Combination of a single-line slitter unit and a multi-core wire sheath turbo unit. In addition to the popular all-purpose MT type, the PT type dedicated to thick lines, and custom-designed specifications are also supported. After six generations of improvement, it has a safe design that considers not only stripping ability but also operability that can be used by anyone, high work efficiency, and safety. This is the standard for the scrap industry, the KOS series of Sanritsu Machinery.

Turbo unit

Processing unit for multi-core wire sheath

多芯線外皮用の処理ユニット ターボユニット 矢印 ターボユニット

Slitter unit

Processing unit for single core twisted wire

スリッターユニット スリッターユニット

M (multi) roll


Universal type that can strip from thin to thick wires

P (Pro) Roll


Thick wires dedicated professional specification

Custom (original) roll


We accept special orders for exclusive fine wires and special wires.

矢印 スリッターユニット

By combining M (multi) roll unit and T turbo unit, it becomes MT type.

By combining the P (Pro) roll unit and the T turbo unit, it becomes PT type, however it can be freely combined with the PT type.

M roll and T turbo unit alone are also available.

Processing example

Processing example

Wire types and compatible models

Single wire Twisted wire Multi-core wire
Wire types and compatible models Wire types and compatible models Wire types and compatible models Wire types and compatible models
size 1.6/2.0/2.6mm² 22~38mm² 60~325mm² 3cores 22~325mm²
processing outer diameter ~10mm 8.4~13mm 13~35mm 20~80mm
KOS-MT type
KOS-M type
KOS-PT type
KOS-P type
KOS-T type
  • K0S-MT 型剥線機K0S-MT 型剥線機

    KOS-MT type stripping machine

    All-purpose machines that can handle from thin to thick and multi-core wires.

    Supports a wide range of general wire sizes (from 22 to 325 squares). This is a universal stripping machine that can process F cables, multi-core wires, high-voltage wires, etc. It is a representative model boasting the industry's No. 1 sales volume recommended for all metal recyclers

King of stripping (KOS) series option


Easy to move by installing casters


Increases work efficiency because stripped wires don’t fall on the floor

CV roll

Roll for exclusive use of thick high-voltage wire, can be replaced with a normal crown roll depending on the application

Reverse switch

The wire can be rotated in the reverse direction by inching to take out the electric wire easily

Please feel free to contact us for other options and other specifications.


KOS-M type
KOS-M type
KOS-PT type
KOS-PT type
KOS-P type
KOS-P type
KOS-T type
KOS-T type
KOS-MT type
Weight About 380kg
Power 3-phase 200V 2.2lw
Size 700L × 995W × 1380H
Processing speed Slitter unit 28m / min
(Turbo unit 18.4m / min)
Processing hole 6 holes (single wire × 1, twist × 5)
Applicable Outer diameter Single wire Φ ~ 10 Twist wire Φ8.4 ~ 35 Multi-core wire Φ20 ~ 80
Target size 22~325Square
Processing power 25~500kg/H
※The processing capacity of the stripping machine varies greatly depending on the thickness of the wire to be processed.